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  Find out how you can save Thousands with Solar!

The solar rebates and tax credits available today make benifiting from solar energy possible for everyone, saving you a ton of money! We do residential and commercial solar panel installations in Southern California. Ask about our no money down financing program! Call us at 310-344-3432 or fill out this form for a FREE in-home solar energy consultation by a Solar Source representative.

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Our site evaluations are free with no obligation! Solar Source is a local Southern California solar panel installer who specializes in residential and commercial solar power systems. We can install solar panels for your home or business, utilizing solar panels with efficient solar cells, the most efficient inverters on the market, as well as the industries best warranties. Pros and Cons to solar energy? There are virtually no disadvantages to solar energy systems with all the rebates and tax incentives available today. Contact us today for a free in-home evaluation and quote, and you will see for yourself! Join the countless others who have made a great financial investment and helped to improve the Southern California community!

We also Serve the following communities:
Long Beach Lakewood Cerritos San Pedro Palos Verdes Huntington Beach Torrance Cypress Redondo Beach Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Seal Beach El Segundo

How much are the Tax Credits and Rebates for a Solar System Installation?

There are two main financial incentives for solar. The first is a 30% federal tax credit that is received on your next tax return. This means you get 30% of what you paid for the system back as a tax credit the next time you do your taxes! This currently expires in 2016.

A second rebate is provided by most utilities. State owned utilities such as Southern California Edison (SCE) utilize funds from the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program, which decreases as time goes on. The sooner you have your solar energy system installed on your roof, the bigger the rebate you get from your utility. The rebate you receive from the utility is based on your system size.

Can My Home Owner's Association (HOA) Keep Me From Installing My System Based On Aesthetics?

No! The California Solar Rights Act of 1978 states that a Solar System Installation can not be denied for Aesthetics. The HOA can ask for "reasonable" changes to the installation for aesthetic purposes, but these reasonable changes can not increase installation costs by more than $2000 or decrease performance of your photovoltaic system by more than 20% in general. The law is on your side.

Is it Cost Effective for me to Go Solar or is it just for Environmentalists?

Yes, solar does benefit the environment and the community, but with all the solar rebates, tax credits, and incentives offered today, it is one of the best financial investments you can make. Typical return on investment is 7%-16% per year. If you know anything about investments, that is a great number. That is equivalent to a good year in the stock market without all the downside risk! Ask about our ZERO DOWN financing program!

Can I Have a Solar Energy System Installed on my Condo?

Yes! Our solar energy experts offer a unique solution that allows individual tenants in a condo to own and benefit from their own solar investment. Each tenant can individually monitor his or her individual system performance, even though they all tie back to the same utility service! This is accomplished using microinverter technology. We can also set up a system for your HOA that provides power for all of your common community power, such as hallway lighting, outdoor lighting, garage lighting, ect.

Can I Completely Eliminate my Electric Bill?

Assuming you have the roof space for it, your system can be sized to produce as much power as you consume over the course of a year, leaving you with the minimum bill of around $1.50 a month (depending on who your utility company is, this minimum can be different by a couple dollars). This minimum amount is the charge to be connected to the grid.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Photovoltaic System?

A general rule of thumb for a standard grid-tied system is one day per kilo-Watt (kW) of solar. In other words, if you have a 4kW system installed, it will take about 4 days under normal circumstances. The solar process in Southern California is fairly streamlined to give a quick installation turn around.

Does the Utility Company Pay Me for Any Extra Power I Produce?

In the past, the "net-metering" program stated that you will be "credited" for any excess power your produce to offset any power you use from the utility company. If you produced more than you used over the course of your net-metering year, then those extra credits were forfeited. Now, with California Assembly Bill 510 signed into law, you are now eligible to roll over those credits to the following year, or be compensated for them. This is a huge win for solar, making the financial return in even bigger.

Is Solar Power Cheaper than Utility Power?

Yes! Not only does the utility charge more for electricity than you would pay having a solar system, but the utility prices have increased by an average of 6.7% per year since 1970. In addition, the money you pay for your solar system gives you a tangible asset, where as giving money to the utility for electricity is like paying rent, money that you will never get back.

Will I Still Have Power If the Utility Grid Goes Down?

If you have a standard grid-tied system, the answer is no. Your inverter is designed to shut off in the event of grid failure (known as anti-islanding) so that it does not energize the transmission lines when the linemen are working on them. If you are concerned with having backup power for your grid-tied system, a hybrid solar system can be installed which utilizes batteries or a generator to power critical loads during a power failure. Only certain contractors will install this type of system. We are one of those contractors.

Will My Solar Power System Still Work on a Cloudy Day?

Yes! Your solar system will still produce power, but at a reduced level.

How Long Will my Solar Panels Last?

Your photovoltaic panels come with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty. In reality, they should last well past that if installed properly.

Are Solar Power Systems Safe?

Yes! Your system will be installed by a licensed solar contractor, and will meet all required National, State, and Local electrical/building codes. Our California State contractors license is #925231.

What Maintenance is Required Once My System is Installed?

Virtually none. A photovoltaic system does not have any moving parts. Periodic cleaning of your panels ever few months is recommended, even though a dirty solar array will typically only loose between 3%-6% of its power output. Remember, on a rainy day you don't produce much power, but the rain cleans your panels for you!

What Does A Solar Power System do to my Property Value?

Your property value will increase with the installation of a solar system, however, it will not raise your property taxes! This is a win win. The general rule of thumb is that a photovoltaic system will increase the value of your home by $20 for every $1 you save per year in electricity costs. For example, if you save $1,000 a year in electricity costs with your solar energy system, your property value will increase by $20,000 ($20 * $1,000 = $20,000).

What Appliances and Loads Can I Power with my Solar System?

Everything that you already power in your home. Since your solar electric system is connected to your main utility panel, it provides power to everything in your house, just as if it was coming from the grid. You won't have to do anything different to use the power from your photovoltaic system.

Do I Need Permits to Install A Solar System on my Property?

Yes, you need building and electrical permits, in addition to a permit from the utility company to interconnect to the grid. However, we will take care of all of this for you!

Does My Solar System Produce Alternating Current (AC) or Direct Current (DC)?

Your photovoltaic panels will produce DC, however, since all of your household appliances, electronics, and the utility grid use AC, it must be "inverted" to AC. This is done in the inverter.

Will My Home Owners Insurance Cover My Photovoltaic System?

Your insurance company is obligated to cover your system since they typically insure all of your household items. Make sure you confirm this with your particular insurer, and let them know you now have a photovoltaic system so that there are no surprises if you ever needed to make a claim.

How Big of A Photovoltaic System Do I Need?

Your system is sized based on the amount of power you use each year. We will request your monthly kilo-watt-hour (kWh) usage for the previous twelve months. We will then use this information to compute a very accurate estimate of the required system size. Other factors such as average solar irradiation for your area, roof shading, roof tilt and azimuth, and available roof space are all taken into account when computing your system size. Don't worry, we do all this for you!

Does my System Need Batteries to Store the Electricity Generated by my Panels?

For a standard residential/commercial grid-tied system, no. Since you are tied into the public utility grid, and feeding power into it, you are essentially using the grid as a giant battery, which you then draw from at night when your system is not producing any power. You only need batteries if you desire a hybrid solar system which contains a backup to be used in the event of a grid failure, or in an off-grid system used in remote areas.

How Big is a Solar Panel?

A solar panel's size is dependent on the panel's wattage. They come in a variety of wattages, but a good general rule of thumb for an average size photovoltaic panel is 5 feet by 3 feet.

How do I Know if I Have the Right Roof for A Solar System?

A South facing roof will give your system the most output over the course of a year. A West and East facing roof are a close second; however, a West facing roof will produce more power during peak hours when electricity is the most expensive, which can be an advantage for customers of PG&E and SCE who use time-of-use metering. As far as roof type, it can be virtually any type of material, from flat composite, composite shingle, metal, bitumen, spanish tile, concrete tile, and tar and gravel.

Can I be Totally Independent of the Utility?

Yes, by using an off-grid system. This however, will not give a good return on investment, if at all, due to the added initial/replacement costs of the batteries needed. This type of system is really not practical unless you live in a remote area where it would cost a lot more to have the utility run transmission lines to your house. Also, you must have a grid-tied system to be eligible for your utility company's rebate.

About our Solar Energy Company

We are distributors of Solar Source products. SOLAR SOURCE designs, engineers and installs photovoltaic solar systems for residential and commercial electricity generation. Our California contractors license number is #925231.

We pride ourselves on excellence in craftsmanship. We guarantee all of our installations meet local municipal and national building codes. We stand behind every solar system we install and warranty the craftsmanship of all installed solar systems. We will also stand by you to ensure that the manufactures warranties of products we sell are supported as well.

We are one of the only companies that install 100% American made solar products!

We are proud members of the Long Beach Green Business Association, Solar Energy Industries Association and the California Contractors State License Board. Most importantly, we are a local Southern California solar contractor, who considers themsevles a "relationship based contractor" that is always striving for perfection in both our installations and customer service, and are never more than a phone call away.

Our Accomplishments

In addition to numerous standard grid-tied installations, we installed the first Grid-Tied Hybrid Solar Energy System in the City of Long Beach. We have also installed the first off-grid solar energy system in Long Beach at a dog park. We have been featured in numerous news publications such as the Long Beach Magazine, LongBeach.com, and the Press-Telegram. We have a customer relations based business, meaning, you get one on one attention from your solar energy expert, who will be with you throughout the entire process, making sure all your questions are answered.

We serve the following communities:

Agoura Hills Solar | Alhambra Solar | Aliso Viego Solar | Alta Loma Solar | Altadena Solar | Anaheim Solar | Arcadia Solar | Azusa Solar | Balboa Solar | Bell Gardens Solar | Bellflower Solar | Beverly Hills Solar | Brea Solar | Buena Park Solar | Burbank Solar | Cabazon Solar | Camarillo Solar | Carlsbad Solar | Carson Solar | Casa Conejo Solar | Cerritos Solar | Chino Solar | Chino Hills Solar | Claremont Solar | Colton Solar | Compton Solar | Cornell Solar | Costa Mesa Solar | Coto De Caza Solar | Covina Solar | Crafton Solar | Culver City Solar | Cypress Solar | Dana Point Solar | Diamon Bar Solar | Downey Solar | Duarte Solar | ElMonte Solar | El Nido Solar | El Segundo Solar | Emerald Bay Solar | Epworth Solar | Foothill Ranch Solar | Fountain Valley Solar | Fullerton Solar | Gardena Solar | Garden Grove Solar | Gemco Solar | Glendale Solar | Glendora Solar | Granada Hills Solar | Hacienda Heights Solar | Happy Valley Solar | Hawthorne Solar | Hemet Solar | Hewitt Solar | HIckson Solar | HIdden HIlls Solar | HIghland Solar | Hollywood Solar | Huntington Beach Solar | Huntington Park Solar | IngleWood Solar | Irvine Solar | La Canada Flintridge Solar | La Crescenta Solar | La Habra Solar | La Mesa Solar | La Mirada Solar | LaPalma Solar | Ladera Ranch Solar | Laguna Beach Solar | Laguna Niguel Solar | Laguna Woods Solar | Lake Forest Solar | Lake View Terrace Solar | Lakeside Solar | Lakewood Solar | Las Flores Solar | Lawndales Solar | Lomita Solar | Long Beach Solar | Los Alamitos Solar | Lynwood Solar | Malibu Solar | Malibu Bowl Solar | Malibu Vista Solar | Malibu West Solar | Manhattan Beach Solar | Marigold Solar | Marina del Rey Solar | Mission Viego Solar | Monrovia Solar | Monte Nido Solar | Montebellow Solar | Moorpark Solar | Moreno Valley Solar | Mountclef Village Solar | Newport Beach Solar | Norwalk Solar | Oak Park Solar | Oceanside Solar | Ontario Upland Solar | Orange Solar | Oxnard Solar | Palos Verdes Estates Solar | Pasedena Solar | Pico Rivera Solar | Placentia Solar | Pamona Solar | Portola Hills Solar | Rancho Cucamonga Solar | Rancho Palos Verdes Solar | REdlands Solar | Redondo Beach Solar | Rialto Solar | Robinson Ranch Solar | Rolling Hills Solar | Rolling Hills Estates Solar | Rowland Heights Solar | San Bernadino Solar | San Clemente Solar | San Diego Solar | San Dimas Solar | San Fernando Solar | San Juan Capistrano Solar | San Marcos Solar | San Marino Solar | San Pedro Solar | Santa Ana Solar | Santa Monica Solar | Santa Susana Solar | Seal Beach Solar | Sherman Oaks Solar | Sierra Madre Solar | Simi Valley Solar | South Gate Solar | Stanton Solar | Temple City Solar | Thousand Oaks Solar | Torrance Solar | Trabuco Canyon Solar | Tustin Solar | Ventura Solar | Walnut Solar | Walnut Ridge Solar | West Covina Solar | West Hollywood Solar | Westminster Solar | Westmont Solar | Whittier Solar | Wilmington Solar | Yorba Linda Solar | Yucaipa Solar

Customer Testimonials

"I called five different solar companies, two about leasing and three about purchasing. I would like to thank Mike Tockstein at Solar Source who was the only consultant that actually understood the technological solar process. He also was the only person talking about and able to explain the microinverters versus a central inverter. I felt very comfortable working with Mike and like his approach. Also, Solar Source was able to install my system quickly. It only took 3 days and they were able to do the installation months earlier than the leasing companies. If you are looking to work with knowledgeable professionals who can offer competitive pricing and outstanding service, you really don't need to contact anyone other than Solar Source. Thanks again for the great work!"

- Michael Bragar | Thousand Oaks, CA


"I chose Solar Source after interviewing two other firms. Solar Source was highly professional, very quick to act on my job, answered all of my questions in a truthful manner, and provided excellent services with courtesy and promptness. The end product functioned beautifully. They also followed up quickly on any paperwork after installation. This firm has very high ethical values and concerns about quality and service. I feel fortunate I was able to find them. I was completely satisfied with their work."

- Marjory Harris | Loma Linda, CA


"We spent a month or so planning our project and looking at all of our options. This was a tedious process, but Jarrod, our Solar Source project manager, was very patient and answered every question. The installation phase went smoothly - everyone on the crew was bright, cheerful and willing to communicate with us whenever we needed. I am very comfortable recommending Solar Source for your solar energy project."

- Chris | Rossmoor, CA


"The Naylor family in Long Beach has been proud to show off its solar electricity system to our visitors. Michael checks the meters almost daily. The system was finished in September, 2010 and Edison installed the two way meter around Oct 1. During the Christmas season with the less sunlight combined with our Christmas lights and during the recent June gloom, we used more electricity than the system generated; but most of the time, we generate more electricity than we use."

- Michael Naylor | Long Beach, CA


"My wife and I are both extremely happy with our solar panels and the high quality installation done by Solar Source. Their sales rep Mike honestly enjoys working with solar panel setups and it shows, he was very knowledgeable about everything and happily answered all of my questions. The company's knowledge of what they do was very important to me, and Solar Source did not let me down. They walked me through every step of the process and explained what my options were. Their installation technicians worked with me to create a custom setup for my house and it turned out great. The products that the company sells seem to be on the cutting edge of technology. I can check on the status of my solar panels on the Internet and run reports to see the historical output of each panel individually; I can even do that from my smartphone!"

- Robbie Burchett | Lomita, CA


"Working with Solar Source was easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. They know what their doing and do it well. Everything went very smoothly and the system is great. They handled all the paperwork so all we had to do was pay the bill--which was quite reasonable."

- Blaze Newman | Encinitas, CA


"I love my Solar Panels. No electricity bill, no maintenance, guaranteed to last for at least 25 years, rebate on your federal taxes, adds value to your home, does not raise your county property taxes, & get paid by SCE once a year for any excess electricity you produced. Every time I come home from work, the first thing I do is go outside to look at my electric meter to see how much excess electricity I produced! Thanks Solar Source!"

- Tom Jackson | Norwalk, CA


Solar source was my choice for installing my home solar system and it was the right one. Installation was great, on time, clean, reliable; the complete package. Generating power and loving not having an electric bill. I wish there were more companies out there that have the same customer service & business ethics as solar source; Thank you Solar Source!

- J. Hartsuyker | French Valley, CA


"From start to finish of my project I was left with only have the highest respect for Solar Source. I really put them through the paces with all my questions and comparing to some other very commendable solar installers, but at the end it was the best choice I believe I could have made. They were always patient, informative and honest on exactly what they offered at the most competitive price. I don't think I can emphasize enough how much time I put in on my own to make sure I was aware to cover all the issues involved on my solar installation from the price, panels, inverters, roof installation, too how clean everyting would look when complete, and Solar Source handled it all or more than my expectiations. I don't see how you can go wrong by choosing Solar Soruce for your project. I could go on with even more details and positve aspects, but feel free to e-mail me at snuanes@verizon.net for any further information."

- Scott Nuanes | Phillips Ranch, CA


"My wife & I got solar because we wanted to put our money where our mouth had been for years. We solicited bids from ~five local solar companies & one national chain. Solar Source provided the most complete quote, listed products that checked out with 3rd party web sites as being good quality, & came in several thousand below their nearest competitor. They started & ended the job on time without any unexpected issues on their part & without any extra cost. In several instances they could have cut corners, but always solicited my input & proceeded to get the job done right even if it took more time. For example, it turned out our ~1977 roof needed some repairs that had nothing to do with the solar installation. However, when Solar Source saw this, they stopped their job till I could see the issue & then let me delay further work till the underlying roof repairs were complete. The roofing guy said in all of his years he had never seen a solar company do this...he said they just get their work done & never tell you about anything else, but clearly not Solar Source. This alone may have saved me several thousand dollars. My "thanks" to Solar Source & their qualified crew."

- Murry Westall | Seal Beach, CA


"Getting solar gave me the same gratifying feeling I got when I bought my first car or when bought my first house. It gave me a sense an accomplishment knowing that I made a wise decision. Look around... not everyone has solar on their roofs. But, I'm proud I was the first in my neighborhood! I often wonder why everyone doesn't get solar. The return on investment is amazing. And it lowers your bottomline which helps relive the stress of needing a job. And the bonus of helping the environment and reducing our dependance on oil fits well with my beliefs. I'm proud of my decision to get solar and all of my neighbors look up to me for being bold enough to take the lead and follow my instincts. I cut my electric bill by 75% and I know that I'll be saving even more as energy prices continue to increase. Seriously... give me one good reason not to add solar!"

- B. Aamot | Long Beach, CA


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